Friday, 14 September 2012

:: Word on the Street ::

When I was younger, The Word On The Street Book & Magazine Festival was this magical Sunday where everyone could share their love for books in a huge public street. Back in the day, WOTS would close off a busy Queen Street and pave it with wonderful books, great magazines and all sorts of celebrated words - as far as the eye could see! It was a book lover's paradise!

Michael Martchenko

But that's not all! There are many amazing oppourtunities to meet some fantastic book creators! It was at WOTS, where I met my childhood idol Michael Martchenko (e.g. illustrator of The Paperbag Princess). Not only was I able to meet him, but I was able to chat and learn how he got into Picture Books (at 40 years young!) Michael was kind, patient and an absolute inspiration!  Isn't it great when your superstar idol is also a nice person?


Fast forward a decade later *wow* and now my brothers and I are not only attending WOTS, but we are also presenting our very own book at the Children’s Activity Tent! That's right The Brothers Leung have a very special Pirate Book Reading & Origami Activities planned from 3:00pm - 4:00pm!

Peyton, Ben and I are all super excited and honoured to be a part of this truly special event next Sunday (Sept.23)!

Hope to see you there!

Hilary Leung

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